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The STEM Co-Lab is a cohort-building research experience that is the entryway to PAP STEM, designed by a UIC Chemistry professor, Dr. Donald Wink. Through this program, students gain laboratory research experience through participation in a research project and poster presentation, getting to know their cohort at UIC and gaining familiarity with the campus.

Save the dates! The 2021 STEM Co-Lab dates are: June 25, July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30, and August 6.



PAP STEM students are paired with faculty mentors. Benefits of having a mentor as an undergraduate include better problem solving, decision making, and goal setting. Students make a more effective transition to college, and are happier with their educational experience.



Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) Math workshops complement the Math classes you will take at UIC. Students who enroll in these 1-credit ESP workshops tend to receive more As and Bs in crucial Math and Chemistry courses. ESP gives students the opportunity to work collaboratively with classmates on challenging problems that emphasize key course ideas. Plan to register for the ESP workshop accompanying your math placement, to maximize your success in challenging college-level Math courses.



PAP STEM students living on campus can choose to live on the PAP STEM floor. This Living-Learning Community (LLC) will allow you to live and learn together with students who share your interests and passions. Sign up at

  • Located in James Stukel Towers
  • Courses can be taught in the same building
  • Living with students in the same classes make for natural study groups
  • Events and activities designed by students to enhance campus social life and complement academic goals



PAP STEM students take an active role in their engagement within the UIC community and in their academic pursuits. Leadership, Research, and Community is emphasised. Programming inspired by and designed for students allows for infinite variation of the student experience within a supportive framework that enables students to set and achieve their goals.